Selamat datang to Raja Ampat. Again. Home of the manta rays and birds of paradise. Dive sites for sure on every divers bucketlist. Located in the heart of the Dampier Strait it is a place which reflects the pure beautiness of our blue planet above and below surface. And at least mantas, mantas, mantas. Here we go, let´s go diving!


Together with our partners OLYMPUS, SCUBAPRO and PRO DIVE INTERNATIONAL we realized a really magical and mystical underwater model shooting in Yucatán, Mexico. Catching up with the beautiful mermaid Hannah Fraser in the Mexican cenotes. Doubtless really not the regular catwalk for a model or even an underwatermodel.


Papua New Guinea – a tropical and forgotten paradise. Huge parts of the country are untouched and completely native. Thereby Papua New Guinea is especially one thing: colourful. In the thick rainforest flowers are glowing and the birds of paradise are trilling. Follow us on our third excursion into an unknown world.


Singapore - a city full of pulsing lights and colourful impressions. Better known as the “city of gardens”. A city state where a jungle of lush green is overgrowing glass, concrete and steel. A real oasis and a perfect place for a relaxing stopover. Exploring the Gardens by the Bay or the streets full of life - just stunning!


Let´s talk about photography. This time especially about underwater photography. We are happy to carry off photographers as well as photo- and travel enthusiasts, taking them to a journey into the depths of our blue planet. Lichtwert e.V. Karlsruhe invited us presenting the beauty of the oceans from sight of an underwater photographer and a dive model.


Ronda, deep in the south of Spain, was meeting-point for the OLYMPUS visionaries from whole Europe. In occasion of launching the new OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1 Mark II camera OLYMPUS invited to a very extraordinary event. Underneath the sun of Andalusia we had the chance to test the new flag-ship with innovations like pro-capture, matchless 5 axis image stabilization or the 50 MP High Res Shot.