There are countless beautiful beaches on Curaçao, but the most beautiful one can be found on the little sister island Klein Curaçao. An endless sandy beach, wrapped in bright turquoise, blue and green. Known for its collapsed lighthouse and the wreck of the Maria Bianca Guidesman, Klein Curaçao offers plenty of motives for photo enthusiasts in addition to the Caribbean idyll.

A once in a lifetime experience! With the Curasub we went down into the deep sea at 1001 feet, where we were able to discover previously unknown species in the light of the submarine. In the stillness of darkness, we headed through sea canyons to the mystical wreck of the Stella Maris for a close-up look at the bridge.


Curaçao not only impresses with brightly colored reef landscapes and colorful schools of fish, but also offers wreck divers plenty of scrap metal to discover. From the Tugboat lying in the shallows to the famous Superior Producer to the wreck of the Stella Maris resting peacefully in the abyss of the deep sea.


We have been diving underneath the tight jungle of Mexico in the Cenotes and discovered the mystical temples and home of the Mayas. Beside Chichen Itzá and Uxmal another highlight was the worldwide biggest cluster of whalesharks in front of Isla Mujeres. Have you ever been snorkeling with between 50 up to 100 whalesharks? We did. Just stunning!


Bon bini Curaçao. Easy diving, colorful and amazing dive sites and healthy reefscapes - that´s Curaçao. We enjoyed the world below surface so much. Why? Just take a look at the pictures. Did we whet your appetite? For sure Curaçao is a tropical hotspot and guarantor for unforgettable dives.