Papua New Guinea – a tropical and forgotten paradise. Huge parts of the country are untouched and completely native. Thereby Papua New Guinea is especially one thing: colourful. In the thick rainforest flowers are glowing and the birds of paradise are trilling. Follow us on our third excursion into an unknown world.


After 2 years our spirit of adventure brings us back to Papua New Guinea, the richest country of species on earth. Follow us into a country where flora and fauna are that varied and colourful like the fascinating and intact coral reefs. Unique rainforests, active volcanos, wrecks and relicts from WWII and also island life of a Robinson Crusoe are waiting.


Papua New Guinea, a place of superlatives. Glaciers, thick rainforest, active volcanos and until now an unknown biodiversity above and also underwater are making this country to one of the last pristine nature paradises on earth. In cooperation with the four leading resorts of this country we discovered this unique country of exploration.