Deep in the heart of the North Moluccas, we dived a second time in the warm waters around Kusu Island. Once again an obscure and bizarre army of darkness and extravagance awaits us. Pontohi pygmy seahorses and colorful nudis everywhere. Bright pink squad lobsters and tiny spiny tiger prawns - definitely an underwater photographer's paradise.


On the island of Rinca, in the northern part of the Komodo National Park, we portrayed some of the last free-living Komodo dragons in the world. In the depths of the Indonesian Jurassic Park, hidden in the thorny thicket, a deeply forked tongue lashes out across the dusty ground. In awe, we spot and photograph our first almost fully-grown Komodo dragon.


Clear the stage for strange creatures, freaky critters and some color overkill. No sooner have we left the world of Alor above water than bizarre and crazy protagonists present themselves to our underwater circus. Say hello to the legendary Rhinopia, the funny bumblebee shrimp and some really hairy frogfish. Alor - a perfect muck diving area and a boundless Eldorado for macro fetishists.

On Alor, we take a look at the deeply rooted traditions of the Abui tribe. Shaped by the belief in the existence of spirits, they follow a rich tradition of myths and legends. Proud of their customs, the Abui community is an important part of Alor's cultural diversity and an example of the importance of preserving indigenous ways of life.


How would we describe luxury? In two words - Coralia Liveaboard. This time we are cruising on the Coralia from Maumere via Alor to Komodo. A tour as extraordinary and remarkable as the dive boat and crew themselves. The re-election in 2021 as the best liveaboard in the world underlines our experience and our recommendation to all divers. So get on board and enjoy!

Deep in the primary rainforest of Halmahera, we were swallowed up by the deepest green and spat out again. Caught in a seemingly surreal film setting, we discovered in an almost impenetrable jungle a self-sufficient nomadic tribe. We discovered the endemic Halmahera phyton, countless other creatures and at the same time we tested the limits of our physical and mental stress limit. Pure Adventure!