The new SCUBAPRO Luna dive computer is here! Slim, intuitive and packed with user-friendly functions. With its flat thermoplastic housing and modern, generous widescreen display, it is already inspiring. Reason enough for us as SCUBAPRO ambassadors and Deep Elite Team members to test the new dive computer. So let´s go diving!


Wow - the new Galileo G3 dive computer from SCUBAPRO leaves us speechless. A highly complex dive computer with a vibrant, high-contrast color display, the proven four-button operation and a rechargeable lithium battery. The G3 offers everything we expect from a dive computer with the comfort and style of a timelessly beautiful wristwatch.


We were able to further expand our network and have found the perfect and reliable partner in PanOceanPhoto, which we need in all areas of our equipment. In addition to a huge selection of underwater housings, lighting technology and all kinds of accessories, the main focus in the house of underwater photography is on personal and individual advice.


We are proud to be part of the SCUBAPRO Deep Elite Team with immediate effect. Loyal brand ambassadors, each with a unique story. We are explorers, pioneers, ocean enthusiasts and conservationists - united in our passion for the oceans, diving and our SCUBAPRO equipment.



The most important thing during underwater photo- or videography is - light! With our new partner SeaLife and their Sea Dragon 4500 we will never run out of light during our video productions. These powerful lamps have 4500 lumen LED lights, 120° wide beam angle and auto bright and auto flash detect mode.


At this point we would like to say a big “thank you” to SUBGEAR for the trust and the longstanding cooperation with us. We proudly present now SCUBAPRO as our new partner and outfitter. Looking forward to a long and successful cooperation. Deep down we want the best, deep down with SCUBAPRO we have the best.