We have been diving underneath the tight jungle of Mexico in the Cenotes and discovered the mystical temples and underworld of the Mayas. Another highlight was the worldwide biggest cluster of whalesharks in front of Isla Mujeres. Have you ever been snorkeling with between 50 up to 100 whalesharks? We did. Just stunning!


Bon bini Curaçao. Easy diving, colorful and amazing dive sites and healthy reefscapes - that´s Curaçao. We enjoyed the world below surface so much. Why? Just take a look at the pictures. Did we whet your appetite? For sure Curaçao is a tropical hotspot and guarantor for unforgettable dives.



Welcome to divers´ paradise for underwater photographers and macro-enthusiasts. The Eldorado for lovers of nudibranchs. Just a few steps away from the beautiful located resort a stunning, higgledy-piggledy and varied underwater world begins. Quirky reef creatures are presenting themselves along the different dive sites of Sulawesi.


Within the big photo exhibition "Salon de la Photo" in Paris we not only got the chance to sight our exposed mermaids, but also took a look at the brand new flagship from OLYMPUS, together with OLYMPUS France. Holding the new OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1 in our hands and experiencing it so tight, is definately setting the course for our future.


With her movie "Tears of a mermaid" the most known underwater model of the U.S., Hannah Fraser, wants to draw attention to the drawbacks and the cries for help from our oceans. We feel honoured to occur beside Philippe Cousteau, the Oscar Award winning director Louie Psihoyos and further colleagues in this film which is produced by Eric Donaldson.


Papua New Guinea, a place of superlatives. Glaciers, thick rainforest, active volcanos and until now an unknown biodiversity above and also under water are making this country to one of the last pristine nature paradises on earth. In cooperation with the four leading resorts of this country we discovered this unique country of exploration.