Raja Ampat. A must-have on every bucketlist. Big fish and richness in fish so exorbitant that even experienced divers become ecstatic. For our article "Gegen den Strom" in the dive magazine UNTERWASSER we jumped into the biggest fish soup of Indonesia. Colorful, healthy reefs and stunning big fish population, and last but not least the mantas, stood in the focus of our cameras.

For water enthusiasts the Philippines are standing for one big thing: the small things underwater. True to the motto "Klein, aber oho" our article has been published in the dive magazine UNTERWASSER, reflecting the beautiful and sometimes bizarre world of critters around tiny Cabilao Island. A fascinating, small journey down to the underwaterworld between Cebu and Bohol.

Fashion week model meets underwater photographer. For our shooting with the Russian model Kseniya Arhangelova we relocate the catwalk from below surface to underwater. After walking on the fashion weeks, after uncountable shootings in the focus of famous fashion photographers this underwater shooting was one of the biggest challenges for our beautiful siren.

Newly terrain. This time we left the water and tried ourselves as model photographers ashore. The OLYMPUS Playground Munich delivered unbelievable locations with three different impressing workshops and great people. The OLYMPUS Visionary Family from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands came together for this special event.


With MyOlympus a new stage for photographers is born. The right place to showcase images shot with OLYMPUS cameras. Photographers from all over the world can connect,  swap ideas and look at stunning pictures. MyOlympus is our place as OLYMPUS Visionaries to share our photographs with others.



After 2 years our spirit of adventure brings us back to Papua New Guinea, the richest country of species on earth. Follow us into a country where flora and fauna are that varied and colourful like the fascinating and intact coral reefs. Unique rainforests, active volcanos, wrecks and relicts from WWII and also island life of a Robinson Crusoe are waiting.