A once in a lifetime experience! With the Curasub we went down into the deep sea at 1001 feet, where we were able to discover previously unknown species in the light of the submarine. In the stillness of darkness, we headed through sea canyons to the mystical wreck of the Stella Maris for a close-up look at the bridge.


Curaçao not only impresses with brightly colored reef landscapes and colorful schools of fish, but also offers wreck divers plenty of scrap metal to discover. From the Tugboat lying in the shallows to the famous Superior Producer to the wreck of the Stella Maris resting peacefully in the abyss of the deep sea.


As a team of passionate underwater photographers and OLYMPUS visionaries, we had the opportunity to take over the Instagram account of OLYMPUS Cameras for 6 days to coincide with World Oceans Day. Here we were able to show the community life under water and what is possible with the cameras below the water surface.


We are proud to be part of the SCUBAPRO Deep Elite Team with immediate effect. Loyal brand ambassadors, each with a unique story. We are explorers, pioneers, ocean enthusiasts and conservationists - united in our passion for the oceans, diving and our SCUBAPRO equipment.



The camera brand OLYMPUS, which has been in business for more than 100 years, has inspired countless photographers worldwide. A milestone was the OM series, which set new standards with its compact dimensions, low weight and great design. From now on, the new products will sail under the OM SYSTEM flag. We look forward to what's to come!


The Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel, Europe's highest photo festival with international and national personalities from the photo scene. As part of our “Oceans” exhibition, we take visitors on a journey into mystical underwater worlds, to ghosts and to brightly glowing coral gardens. Due to the Corona crisis, the organizers had to postpone the originally planned date to September 23-27, 2020.