This month’s photo contest is all about the colour blue - whether it’s an underwater image from your last holiday or a portrait of your favorite pair of jeans. While it can sometimes be associated with sadness, the colour blue also represents calm and serenity. As jurors, we will present the winner of all submissions at the end of june. Good luck and have fun participating!

For the third year in a row we found ourselves on the big stage of the legendary BOOT show in Duesseldorf next to the moderator Anna von Boetticher. There we answered the questions of the record freediver and took the audience with our contribution "Mexican mermaid" into the cenotes of the Mexican jungle.


Deep down in Mexico at Baja California, in the cold waters of the Sea of Cortez, we dived with colonies of curious and playful sea lions. We came face to face with the clowns of the sea and watched them playing with our air bubbles. Fin bites included.



How do you define luxury? The Coralia Liveaboard, voted the world's best liveaboard in 2019, gives us a very clear answer. Family atmosphere, cabins that resemble an oasis of wellbeing, first-class delicacies and excellent diving in Indonesia's most diverse waters.



There is hardly a diving area that is so rich in bizarre and quirky microorganisms that Bangka can hold its own. At the Sea Souls Dive Resort we went for critter hunting again and portrayed freaky skeleton shrimps, cute bobtail squids and glowing flamboyant cuttlefish.



Together with Thomas Adorff and Andreas Eichelmann, over 200 fine art prints were exhibited at a large vernissage in Karlsruhe at the engineering group IG Bauen. We presented over 70 of our images and took the visitors on a photographic trip to the most beautiful diving areas on our blue planet.