With her movie "Tears of a mermaid" the most known underwater model worldwide, Hannah Fraser, wants to draw attention to the drawbacks and the cries for help from our oceans. We feel honoured to occur beside Philippe Cousteau, the Oscar Award winning director Louie Psihoyos and further colleagues in this film which is produced by Eric Donaldson.


Papua New Guinea, a place of superlatives. Glaciers, thick rainforest, active volcanos and until now an unknown biodiversity above and also underwater are making this country to one of the last pristine nature paradises on earth. In cooperation with the four leading resorts of this country we discovered this unique country of exploration.


Caribbean sun, heavenly dive sites and charming models is just the right cocktail for a saturday night show on TV. On Curaçao we were able to act one more time in front and behind the cameras. For RTL we portraited two lovely and exceptional mermaids in the wet element and let the dreams of a mermaid come true.


We had magical moments during our cooperation with two really beautiful mermaids on Curaçao. For the film-shootings with RTL we let Hannah Fraser, underwater model from Hollywood, directly flew into the Caribbean. Furthermore Miss Curaçao, Monifa Jansen, has reached our focal point underwater for the first time.


Southern Leyte - known for its populations of whale sharks and varied dive sites. Whether large or small, the only limit to the variety of motifs here is the air consumption underwater.  Reason enough for us to fling ourselves into adventure and risk an expedition into the unknown below surface.



On behalf of PRO7 I flew to Barcelona, Spain, to draw attention to the candidates of PRO7´s "Sommermädchen 2011" with their breath-taking evening dresses underwater. This summer-show, moderated by Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarella, lives from Meditteranean flair, white beaches and beautiful girls.